Dear Cyberpunk 2077, please let me role-play as someone with manners

Polite Playthroughs: A Plea for Civility in Cyberpunk 2077

Dear Cyberpunk 2077, A Cordial Request for Civility

As I delve deeper into the enthralling yet ruthless world of Cyberpunk 2077, I find myself absorbed by its vivid dystopian narrative. The game masterfully crafts an immersive experience, allowing players to fully inhabit its bleak yet captivating universe. However, my journey is often marred by a singular, glaring issue: the protagonist, V, frequently exhibits an unyielding and sometimes uncontrollable rudeness.

Understanding V’s Rough Exterior

In the treacherous streets of Night City, a certain toughness is not just an asset but a necessity. V is a product of this harsh world, where danger lurks in every shadowy corner, and the weak are quickly consumed. It’s understandable, then, that V might not be the most polite individual. Yet, this inherent brusqueness often escalates into outright hostility, depriving me, the player, of the choice to navigate situations with a more refined touch.

The Limitations of Dialogue and Choice

A particular point of contention I encounter is the rigid gameplay mechanics dictating interaction, particularly evident in my recurrent visits to Afterlife, the exclusive haunt for Night City’s elite mercenaries. Conversations with characters like the affable bartender Claire Russell reveal a world rich in lore and personality. Yet, these interactions are frustratingly on rails, with limited options that too often lead to abrupt or abrasive responses from V.

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The narrative takes a poignant turn with the commemoration of a fallen comrade through the bar’s tradition of honoring the spectacularly deceased. Claire’s remembrance of V’s preferences and her subtle incorporation of them into the bar’s lore is a touching moment of humanity in a game often defined by its coldness. Yet, even as Claire grows from a mere vendor to a friend and confidant, the game restricts my interactions to cursory exchanges, leaving me longing to express gratitude or decline politely.

Captivating Writing Amidst a Chaotic World

These personal grievances underscore the exceptional writing and character development within Cyberpunk 2077. The game’s ability to evoke a sense of connection and empathy towards its characters is commendable, illustrating the potential for more nuanced and emotionally charged player experiences.

The tumultuous launch of Cyberpunk 2077 is well-documented, with severe bugs and performance issues leading to its temporary removal from digital storefronts. However, my experience on the PlayStation 5 reveals a game that has significantly matured. While it may not have completely lived up to its initial grand promises, it stands as a compelling and immersive experience, a testament to the developers’ dedication to its refinement.

Expanding Horizons: A Call for Greater Player Agency

My time in Night City has been an exhilarating adventure, yet it’s also been a journey of frustration due to the limitations in player expression and agency. The game’s narrative and world-building set the stage for a truly immersive role-playing experience, yet the inability to infuse V with a sense of politeness or moral complexity often breaks the immersion. As players, we seek not only to explore and conquer but also to connect and empathize, to make choices that resonate with our values and styles.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Cyberpunk 2077 presents a richly detailed and immersive world that begs for deeper player engagement. The desire for a more nuanced, polite, and morally complex protagonist is not just a personal whim but a call for a more expansive and emotionally resonant role-playing experience. As the game continues to evolve, one can only hope that future updates or sequels will allow for a broader range of character interactions and moral choices, enabling players to truly inhabit the role of V in a manner that reflects the vast array of human responses to a world as complex and multifaceted as Night City.