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DDG Net Worth: What Makes Him So Wealthy?

Darryl Dwayne Granberry Jr., better known as DDG, boasts a remarkable net worth of $4 million. His earnings primarily stem from his successful music albums and YouTube content. Additionally, DDG has augmented his wealth through smart investments in Vine content creation.

DDG has diversified his income by investing in various small businesses and significantly in Bitcoin, enhancing his financial portfolio. According to various sources, DDG’s monthly earnings exceed $50,000. This article delves into his career, personal life, income sources, and more.

DDG’s Early Life

Born as Darryl Dwayne Granberry Jr. on October 10, 1997, in Pontiac, Michigan, United States, DDG grew up in Michigan with four siblings. His early exposure to music, influenced by his father’s career as a sound engineer, ignited his passion for the art. Tragically, DDG experienced the loss of his brother in 2014.

DDG pursued his education at International Tech Academy and later attended Central Michigan University. However, his growing interest in music and YouTube led him to drop out of university and focus on his burgeoning YouTube career.

ddg net worth

DDG’s musical journey began alongside his YouTube ventures. His proximity to the music industry, thanks to his father’s profession as a sound engineer, played a crucial role in his early career.

DDG’s Career Path

DDG’s success on YouTube paved the way for his entry into the music industry. He released his first songs, including Free Parties, produced by Zaytoven, a renowned figure in rap music production.

ddg net worth

DDG’s collaboration with Famous Dex on the single Lettuce garnered over 500,000 views in just an hour. His debut EP, “Take Me Serious,” released in November 2017 with the hit single Givenchy, achieved over 25 million views on YouTube.

This success led to offers from several record labels, and he eventually signed with Epic Records. Under this label, DDG released three successful projects, earning him a spot on the 2021 XXL Freshman list.

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DDG also founded his own record label, Zooted Ent, and participated in the Tik Tokers Vs YouTubers celebrity fight, defeating Nate Wyatt. These endeavors have significantly contributed to his fame and income.

DDG’s Net Worth Explained

DDG’s estimated net worth stands at $4 million, largely accrued from his music album sales and YouTube content. He has also earned a notable amount from his content on Vine and various business investments, including significant investments in Bitcoin.

DDG is renowned for his hit singles like “Givenchy”, “Dope”, and “G.O.A.T.” He is also a co-founder of the record label, Zooted Ent.

DDG’s Personal Life

In his personal life, DDG was romantically involved with YouTuber Kennedy Cymone. They started dating in 2017, and he proposed a year later. However, they separated in the summer of 2018. DDG has also been linked with pop singer Emaza Dilan according to various sources.

The Road to DDG’s Wealth

DDG, a prominent rapper and YouTuber, gained fame and fortune through his online presence. He started earning significant income from YouTube before turning 20, reportedly making around $30,000 per month at the age of 20.

His success on YouTube, spread across four channels, significantly contributes to his $4.5 million net worth. DDG’s music deals also play a substantial role in his earnings, having signed with Epic Records as a rap artist.

ddg net worth

DDG’s four YouTube channels have a combined following of over 9 million, generating significant revenue through ad views. His social media influence extends to Instagram, where he has over 4 million followers, and earns through brand sponsorships.

On Spotify, DDG’s account boasts 5.5 million monthly listeners, further solidifying his status in the hip-hop community.

Lesser-Known Facts About DDG

DDG owns a luxurious home valued at $2 million, which he has upgraded with an additional investment of $420,000.

  • DDG manages multiple YouTube channels.
  • His channels have a total of over 9 million subscribers.
  • His Spotify account has 5.5 million monthly listeners.
  • He gained popularity initially with prank and reaction videos.

Key Lessons from DDG’s Journey

DDG’s decision to drop out of college, betting on his early success as a YouTube personality, paid off handsomely. This gamble illustrates the importance of following one’s instincts and taking calculated risks to achieve success.

DDG’s versatility as both a rapper and a YouTube personality has been instrumental in his career growth. This diversity is crucial for entrepreneurs aiming for financial independence.

ddg net worth


Wondering about DDG’s net worth? The American rapper and YouTuber has built a significant following and amassed a substantial fortune. As of August 2022, DDG’s net worth is estimated at $2 million. This post has outlined his path to success, highlighting his strategic moves in the entertainment and digital world.